The therapeutic process is grounded in the relationship between you and me, client and therapist. The fit between us is of paramount importance, and I welcome openly discussing this aspect of the process with you.  In this light, I strive to meet each and every client where they are in the present moment. I work to create an environment of safety and openness, one where we can begin to explore your unique experience. This experience covers the full spectrum from what can at times feel overwhelming. Though it may feel painful as though it might be getting worse, I have faith in the process and how this struggle can and does lead to greater self-discovery.

I do not believe in categorizing or pathologizing my clients, instead I believe in working to understand their individuality and their unique life experiences and perspective. As a therapist, I do not believe I am here to give you answers, instead I am here to support you in finding and exploring the questions in a way that will lead to discovering your own answers. I strive to connect with you and to support you in connecting with your deepest self, a self that I have an unwavering faith in.


Confidentiality is the anchor of creating a safe therapeutic relationship, one that I personally believe in from a moral and ethical standpoint. I hold with the utmost respect and compassion all information that you share with me and keep it in complete confidence.

I also continue to consult with my previous supervisor, Candyce Ossefort-Russell, LPC-S, about my clients. Through her caring, supportive, curious, and engaged supervisory-stance, the work I do with her on a weekly basis enriches and enhances my own psychotherapy work. This serves both me and my clients in profound and meaningful ways.


Again this is entirely unique. From the very first session and throughout the therapy process, I will work to create open communication about what you need from the work we do together. Therapy can last from weeks to decades and everything in between or beyond. I focus on working with you to support you in what is personally needed.